Writing News, Two Journalists of Tribunnews Called to be Witnesses


Two journalists of Tribunnews named Risno Mawandi and Rheymeldi Ramadan Wijaya were summoned by the Baubau City Police in Southeast Sulawesi, for questioning on Wednesday, March 23, 2023.

Risno Mawandi, was summoned to the Baubau City Police after writing a news article entitled "The Case of Rudu-Forced Orphans in Baubau, Orphans of Rudu-Forced Victims in Baubau Threatened to be Shot, Killed If Reported to Police".

While Rheymeldi was also summoned by the local police because he wrote a news item with the title "The Figures of 7 Suspected Perpetrators of Rudapar Forced 2 Orphans in Baubau, There are Housing Owners and Sons-in-law?".

The Baubau Police issued a summons to request information against Risno, with letter number: B/244/III/2023/Reskrim.

Meanwhile, the summons to request information from Rheymeldi with letter number B/245/III/2023/Reskrim, to appear on Wednesday, March 22 2023 on the report of Ardin, a housing developer in Baubau.

Reports to the two journalists regarding allegations of defamation and slander through online media. The report was contained in an investigation warrant Number: Sprin.Lidik/60/III/2023/Reskrim dated 4 March 2023.

AJI Kendari assesses that the call for clarification, on the news published by Tribunnews Southeast Sulawesi, is a form of criminalization and a threat to press freedom in Indonesia.

AJI believes that the actions of the Baubau Police, which used Law (UU) Number 19 of 2016 concerning Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE) in resolving press disputes or journalistic products, were a wrong move. Because the settlement of all press disputes, must refer to the Press Law No. 40 of 1999.

Number of attacked persons or entities related to media
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Southeast Sulawesi
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Ardin, a housing developer
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