Writing News, Journalist Floresa Intimidated


A Floresa.co journalist who served in Labuan Bajo, was intimidated by members of the TNI on Wednesday, 15 March 2023.

Journalist received intimidation for writing a report entitled "President Jokowi Inaugurates a Road in Labuan Bajo that was Built without Compensation for Residents".

The victim explained that the intimidation began on March 15, 2023, when a member of Indonesian national army asked journalist Floresa, who wrote the news.

This question was asked to a number of journalists in Labuan Bajo, one of which was one of the Floresa.co journalist who was at that location.

The Indonesian national army member then forced him to meet journalist Floresa. He is even ready if necessary to meet journalist at his home or editorial office, even though it is located in Jakarta.

The intimidation by members of the Indonesian national army was carried out continuously via telephone and whatsapp.

"We asked what was the problem with the news, but they only asked who wrote it," said editor in chief of Floresa. Because the criticism in the news has been written before.

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