Writing News, Journalist Called to be Witness


Journalist Slamet Riyadi was summoned as a witness, after writing the news.

The news he wrote entitled "PPP Legislator Reports to East Java Regional Police, PPP Autonomous Body Reports to Police" was published in detektifjatim,com on mid-August 2023.

Previously, at the end of July 2023, Slamet had written a report entitled "DPRD Members Police the Deputy Regent of Sampang regarding Compensation Funds for the 2019 Legislative Election".

Sources, data and report materials were obtained from the member of the Sampang Regional People's Representative Assembly (DPRD), Dedi Dores.

Then in early August 2023, journalists managed to get confirmation from the Deputy Regent of Sampang, who is also chairman of the PPP Sampang Branch Leadership Council.

Slamet wrote another report entitled "Deputy Regent of Sampang Denies Misappropriation of 2019 Legislative Election Compensation Funds".

On the same day, the PPP Sampang regional administrator reported Dedi Dores, who had reported the Deputy Regent of Sampang to the police. The report against Dedi is related to defamation. The report attached news written by Slamet.

Then on August 23, 2023, the Sampang Police, through the Criminal Investigation Unit IV, sent a summons to Slamet to appear at the Sampang Police on August 25 2023 as a witness. Police also ask journalist to provide data, from reports that have been written. However, the journalist refused to appear at the police station as a witness.

*PPP is Political Party in Indonesia

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