Writing News on Illegal Cosmetics, Mugni Intimidated by Police


Journalist for ntbsatu.com name Mugni Ilma was intimidated by police from the West Nusa Tenggara Regional Police on Wednesday, December 7 2022, because of a report he had written.

Previously, on Saturday, December 3 2022, Mugni wrote a report entitled "Indications of Fees Flowing to Investigators from the NTB Regional Police Regarding Illegal Cosmetic Cases?". The report was published after attaching confirmation from several related parties.

On Wednesday morning, investigator from the West Nusa Tenggara regional police criminal investigation unit, named Wayan, called Mugni to come to the West Nusa Tenggara regional police special crimes office. Mugni then moved towards the West Nusa Tenggara Regional Police.

At around 9.40 AM Mugni arrived at the West Nusa Tenggara regional police special crimes investigation office and met with Sugiono and Wayan, investigators in the cosmetics case.

During the meeting, the two investigators asked Mugni to reveal the source of the information written in the report. Mugni refused to provide the information, and said it was the authority of the Editor.

Mugni was then asked to meet with the Head of Sub Directorate I of the local Police. During the meeting, Mugni received several statements that discredited his position as a journalist.

"So you are wrong, you have reported what is not, I already know you, I have traced your digital footprint, I could have put you in jail," Police said."

The journalist heard special criminal division instructing him to give the first warning letter to journalist. If there are other reports that are more critical about it, there will be more serious threats. Then Mugni was threatened with criminal prosecution using the newly passed Criminal Code.

"I have studied the Press Law and the latest Criminal Code, you could be hit there, because this information is not true," said the police to the journalist.

After AJI Mataram mediated with the Mataram Police, the intimidation to journalist no longer occurred.

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