Will cover illegal gold processing, journalist beaten


Journalist for AmperaNews Paisal was physically assaulted when he was going to cover the existence of illegal gold processing in Mulyo Sari Village, Way Ratai Hamlet, Pesawaran Regency, Lampung. The journalist was hit in the head, neck and hands with a machete by a person who claimed to be the owner of the illegal business, on Monday, December 5 2022.

Paisal explained that that day he would only visit Wates village and meet his friend who would be running for village head. In that village, a colleague he met later reported that there was illegal gold processing in Mulyo Sari Village, Way Ratai Hamlet, Pesawaran Regency, Lampung. The location of his village is not far from where he stopped at that time. Hearing this, Paisal immediately went to the location to find out who owned the illegal gold processing. Paisal came alone to the village, without any prior preparation.

At that time, Paisal did not have preliminary data regarding this illegal activity. He then wanted to know the truth of the information.
Shortly after arriving at Mulyo Sari village, Way Ratai hamlet, Paisal came alone and immediately asked the people he met in the hamlet. He asked who owned the illegal gold processing. The first person he met said he was no longer the owner of the business. Then the second and third person Paisal met admitted he was the owner of the business. But giving any explanation, the man rebuked Paisal, and said "You took photos huh?"

Before he could answer the question, the victim was immediately stabbed in the hand, neck and head. The stab with the machete caused Paisal's hands and head to be injured and bleeding. Wounded and in pain, Paisal then ran and was chased as far as 200 meters towards the cross-district road.

The victim was then assisted by a motorbike rider and taken to the Padang Cermin sector police for treatment. After receiving first aid, the victim went to the Pesawaran Resort Police to report a case of violence that had occurred. There has been no update from the police regarding the progress of the investigation into this case.

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