VOA journalists expelled and barred from covering ASEAN summit


Voice of America journalist Patsy Widakuswara faced intimidation while covering the ASEAN Summit in Jakarta. Patsy, who is also the White House Bureau Chief for VOA, was part of the media entourage following US Vice President Kamala Harris. Despite not being in a question and answer session, Patsy asked loud questions directly to Harris and Indonesian President Joko Widodo. She inquired about a potential US-Indonesia agreement regarding Nickel and whether President Widodo was disappointed that President Joe Biden was absent from the summit. Patsy defended her actions, stating that it is customary in America to ask questions directly to state officials after a meeting. However, the security officers at the summit reacted excessively. Patsy was kicked out of the room and not allowed to participate in the next agenda. She overheard an official saying that she would never be allowed to enter. This incident highlights the challenges journalists face in pursuing their role as watchdogs and asking important questions.

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