Two journalists encouraged during an interview with the Governor of Gorontalo


Two journalists in Gorontalo, Hendrik Gani for and Muamar Afdillah freelance journalist on National TV experienced violence and restrictions, while covering the activities of the Governor of Gorontalo while observing cheap market activities in Tapa District, Bone Bolango Regency, Wednesday, July 6 2022. This bargain market activity is a program of the Gorontalo provincial government.

Restrictions and physical violence were experienced by the two journalists when they were going to interview the Governor of Gorontalo, Hamka Hendra Noer at the bazaar, on Wednesday, about 16.54 PM.

Local media reported that when he was about to conduct an interview, Hendrik was pushed by an unscrupulous member of the civil service police unit. Meanwhile, Muamar's feet were stepped on twice, which caused the video camera to shake. Apart from that, member of the civil service police unit, also pushed the cameraman from behind.

It is not yet clear what the governor's adjutant and member of the civil service police unit personnel, meant to limit the work of the two journalists. Because Governor Hamka Hendra Noer was still willing to answer Hendrik and Muamar's questions.

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