Twitter account of (media outlet) is suspended


Twitter Account media outlet (or @suaradotcom) has been suspended on Wednesday, 5 July 2023.

Notification from Twitter Account @suaradotcom saying:
Account suspended: Twitter suspends accounts that violate the Twitter Rules.'s Twitter account has been active in recent days, tweeting news and special collaborative coverage regarding Pegasus, a wiretapping tool that can be used for surveillance, wiretapping, and spying on figures, legislators, journalists, and prominent activists. The coverage with the main theme "Ghosts of Pegasus in Indonesia" is then supplemented daily with additional news or reports.

Not only that, but the derivative report is also "Tracing the Footsteps of the Mass Suppressor Pegasus Weapon in Indonesia" and another news entitled "Traces of Israeli Software Wiretapping in Indonesia, Targeting the Opposition."

Daily, the Twitter account sends between 20 and 30 tweets in order to enlighten the reports and news articles published on the website regarding this particular issues.

The social media team explained that before the account was suspended, there were a number of disturbances or assaults that showed another device was attempting to access or take control of the account.

When an attack attempt is detected, the following message is displayed: "There was an attempt to log into your account; this seems suspicious. Examine now" Every week, interference can occur once or twice.

No disruption notification was received on Wednesday evening, but the Twitter account was abruptly suspended.

--- is one of media outlet in Indonesia.

Number of attacked persons or entities related to media
Do they work as freelance or media?
Position in media
Status of journalists
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DKI Jakarta
Full name or name of group
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