The Twitter Account of Journalist Hacked


The twitter account of journalist in Bengkulu, Balqis Fallahnda was hacked on Monday, 17 April 2023. Balqis is a member of AJI Bengkulu.

The twitter account @FallahndaBalqis was hacked on Monday, around 09.06 AM.
The hack occurred when his Twitter account password was changed at around 06.01 AM by hackers.

Then email or electronic mail and Twitter were replaced at around 06.08 AM with a different name. Then the Balqis Twitter account was replaced with the name @hakumum.
Then the hacker again tried to break into Balqis's Facebook social networking system account named Balqis Fallahnda Sibtin.

AJI Bengkulu data states that Balqis' Facebook account was also hacked twice, namely at 06.34 AM and 06.43 AM. However, the experiment failed, and currently Balqis' Facebook account is still safe from being hacked.

From Balqis' statement, the incident of hacking the Twitter social networking system was reported to the Twitter social networking support center, at 09.13 AM.

According to Balqis, the Twitter account is not used to post anything on the media where he works, nor does he post anything personal. Her twitter and email accounts are also not connected to mobile banking. Also not connected to his phone number. Balqis also did not know whether the hack was just a fad or related to news.

AJI Bengkulu then communicated with the victim to activate the Google authenticator and two-step security for other social media accounts.

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