TV-Edukasaun’s camera person, Eric Gomes, was detained as he was suspected of engaging in acts of crime.


It occurred when he returned from covering political campaigns of the country’s legislative election 2023. He was detained for 72 hours. When he was in police custody the AJTL team approached him in the detention centre, he told the team that when he returned from covering PLP Party’s political campaigns at the same time there was a clash happening at the neighbourhood where he lives involving two gangsters leaving one killed. Once he arrived at the place where the clash happened, the police then captured him.

The clash emerged from terror and intimidation launched by irresponsible people against Mr. Eric Gomes on social media, saying he was part of the clash. AJTL was concerned about this situation of intimidation and threat on social media because it can also affect other journalists doing journalism in the fields, which of course affects press freedom.

The case is considered to be digital threats where it makes the country’s journalists unsecured.

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