The Tribun Network website has been hacked


The Tribun Network portal has been hacked in succession. The portal experienced the first hack, on Sunday afternoon, January 15, 2023.

That day, on the main page of, there was a statement "Hacked by The Players". There is also a clip of a news page entitled "Illegal Sand Mining in Magelang, Allegedly Backed by Officials, Managed by Former Terrorism Convicts." Next to this image, there is also a news page clip from the portal, entitled "Discovered, Dozens of Illegal Mines Damage Mount Merapi National Park Area."

Then the regional portals of the Tribun Network also experienced hacking from Sunday afternoon, 15 January 2023 to Monday, 16 January 2023. All regional portals of the Tribun Network cannot be accessed by the public. The editorial team, especially the media editor, cannot upload news.

Tribun Network's IT team assessed that the hack was carried out directly on the Content Management System (CMS) system. As a result, not only can the editor view the portal view, but the editorial crew cannot upload news.

As long as the portal is controlled by hackers, Tribun Network's IT team is trying to regain control of the CMS system. While editors, especially regional portals, editors can only edit news without being able to upload. The news stories are edited to be uploaded once the portal is normal.

The portal began to recover on Monday 16 January 2023. Regional portals for the media group were finally accessible on Tuesday 17 January 2023.
However, the portal returned an error on Monday afternoon. Likewise the media group portals in the regions. After it can operate, then the error returns.

The media editor explained that when the portal crashed again after recovering, the CMS system felt heavy, before finally the portal experienced an error. This is felt by editors when they want to upload news. CMS operates slowly making it difficult to upload news, and finally the portal error displays the same image related to illegal sand mining news. The Tribun Network IT team has changed the login and password on the CMS portal, as well as regional Tribun group portals.

Number of attacked persons or entities related to media
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