journalist experienced violence at his house.

Description journalist who work in the island province of Bangka Belitung experienced violence on Saturday, November 25 2023.

That day, journalist Ichsan Mokoginta received an unknown person at his house. The person was wearing a black helmet, a dark jacket, and a white and red checkered long-sleeved shirt.

The person asked where Mamad's house was. The journalist answered that he did not know where Mamad's house was. However, the unknown person continued to ask where Mamad's house was.

Ichsan, who initially stood on the terrace suspiciously and warily, then entered the living room of his house. It turned out that the perpetrator also entered the house. The person took out a bottle from his shirt pocket. He then immediately sprayed a liquid, suspected to be hydrochloric acid from the bottle at the journalist.

Ichsan was shout, and the young man immediately ran away on a motorbike. The spray caused a burning sensation on the skin around Ichsan's face, neck and stomach.

Ichsan suspected that the attack was related to a report regarding residents' opposition to illegal tin mining in Penagan waters, West Mendo Village.

Before the watering attack occurred, the journalist was followed by someone and monitored his activities at his house. There were also pro-mining individual who invited journalist to meet and asked them not to report on the rejection of the Penagan mine.

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