TIMES Indonesia journalists banned from covering protests


A journalist from Times Indonesia, Haerun Hamid, was prevented from taking photos during a demonstration of the university student in Maluku Province. The journalist had arrived early at the Governor's office and had conversations with the police and security officers. Haerun took photos and recorded the atmosphere of the demonstration, including the pushing and shoving by protesters that caused the governor's house fence to collapse. As the situation became chaotic and the police started beating and arresting protesters, a policeman approached Haerun and forbade him from taking photos. The policeman even hit Haerun's face and cellphone. Haerun ran away, shouting that he was a journalist, but the policeman chased him. The next day, Haerun went to the police station as summoned and was asked to reconcile with the perpetrator, but he did not respond. Another policeman, from the same village, also asked Haerun to reconcile, but he still did not respond.

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