Three reporters from CamboJA questioned by authorities while covering news in Modulkiri


On July 14, 2023, at 10:00 AM, 10 mixed authorities from Koh Nhek District, Modulkiri Province questioned CamboJA reporters who were covering the news about social land concessions which affect the indigenous people. The authorities planned to cut off 6,000 hectares of Koh Nhek district in the Yor Leu village area, affecting the indigenous people living there.

Authorities asked the reporters, “Why did you come to this area? Why did you come here on the same day that the authorities did? Who informed you? Which institution are you from?”

A man who was identified as an official from Koh Nhek District Hall approached the reporters and shouted out loudly, "Why was a foreigner in the forest?" Why didn’t you inform the authorities first”? The officer continued that if you have a problem, who is responsible?

Next, the authorities took pictures of the reporters. Another officer came and asked, “Why did you [reporters] come here without an invitation? And who provided you with the information?”

The indigenous people celebrated their religious ceremony to pray for the authorities not to take their community forest land. CamboJA’s reporters covered the news.

This program is for the community and the ministry, why did the journalists come too?

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