The website was attacked after publishing the news


The site was attacked after publishing news regarding the arrest of the former head of division of professionalism and security of the Indonesian national police, Inspector General Ferdy Sambo, on Saturday, 6 August 2022. It was reported that Sambo's arrest was related to the recent shooting of Brigadier J, at the official residence of the head of division of professionalism and security of the Indonesian National Police at Jakarta.

The report entitled "Breaking News: Inspector General Ferdy Sambo Arrested" was published on the website on Saturday, 6 August 2022 at 21.03 PM. The report quoted a source from, who knows the chronology of Ferdy Sambo's arrest and detention at that time. However, not long after the report was published, the editor received many complaints from readers and was checked later by the editor, it was true that the report could not be accessed or could not be opened when clicked.

The chief editor of, Anton Aprianto, explained that the news regarding the arrest of Ferdy Sambo could not be accessed on Saturday, 6 August around 21.10 to 21.20 PM.
A few minutes after the report was published the editors have tried to click on the news link, but it still won't open.

Editors assess there is an attack because the system is not running as usual. Usually every report on the site can easily be opened and read, after clicking on the news title or the news link.

A few minutes later the IT team of checked the system, and the report was again accessible. Since last night the IT team of has been controlling the system, and is currently checking the incident of the attack that occurred on Saturday night.

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