Tempo Journalist's WhatsApp Number Was Attacked


The WhatsApp number of journalist Tempo magazine, Raymundus Rikang was hacked on Tuesday, 5 July 2022. At that time, Rikang and his team are working on an investigative report.

That day, he received a WhatsApp message from an unknown number +62-813-6313-5211 at 19.28 PM. Then, the foreign number sent dozens of messages containing links and various content written in an unfamiliar font. At that time, journalist took the initiative not to open or click on the strange message.

A few time later, some messages continued to enter through his WhatsApp account. There is a text message containing a link virus, and a file of unknown type. The journalist saw that the incoming messages within 8 minutes reached more than 400 messages, and only came from that one foreign number.

The entry of hundreds of strange messages at once made the WhatsApp application on his cellphone very slow. The various strange messages also entered his social media account at around 19.40 PM

Rikang contacted SAFEnet At 19.46 PM and gave full report at 20.00 PM about the digital attack. SAFEnet provided assistance.

Some time later, another message arrived with the same content as the message received by Rikang. The number of messages this time was much larger, reaching around a hundred messages. Rikang then called the SAFEnet hotline at +62-811-9223-375. The SAFEnet team recommended not open the message, and should immediately delete the message or delete the chat. Team also instructed to block these unknown numbers. However, that night, Rikang only had time to delete messages and had no time to block his cell phone number.

The next day on Wednesday, July 6 2022, around 07.00 AM, the unknown number sent agin dozens of messages to Ringkang’s WhatsApp number. Then Rikang deleted messages and all chats, also blocked the cell phone number until then his WhatsApp number could be taken over again.

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