website Suspended

Description experienced suspend of all access to its official website on Monday, November 20 2023. received information about the temporary suspension access to their website via email, for several reasons.

The reason of suspend included invalid personal data, address and contacts. Also due to invalid payment methods, to inappropriate use of the service.

That day, this media team received an email that they had to take down a news story entitled "After being questioned as a suspect, the Corruption Eradication Commission immediately detained Mardani Maming for violating copyright provisions". There were somebody reported about the news.

The media is considered to have violated news copyright provisions.

The suspension occurred because of a report to the UpCloud subscription provider's server.

This report was considered strange, because the basis of their reporting was surviving news, or copy paste published on the Tumblr site.

This media team can prove that those who reported it actually plagiarized the news, because it is written at the end of the initials of the reporter and media editor

This media team has tried to answer the email, by providing several objections and data, but the answer via email was ignored, until finally the website was suspended, or stopped using access.

In the email, the condition for the suspension to be opened is that the news must be taken down, or not published.

Subsequently, the news was deleted. The media team then continues to communicate to archive the news. suspects that the reporting effort was part of an effort to erase traces of the digital parties being reported.

After the news was takedown and communicating with the provider of website, a few hours later, the website was accessible again.

Number of attacked persons or entities related to media
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Position in media
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East Java
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