Journalist Prevented Interview with the Minister of Communication and Informatics

Description journalist in Jakarta, Novian was prevented from conducting a doorstop interview with the Minister of Communication and Informatics, Johnny G Plate, after attending a working meeting with Commission I of the DPR on Monday, April 10, 2023.The obstacle was made by one of the minister's aides.

That day, Plate attended a working meeting discussing the revision of the Information and electronic transactions (ITE) Law with Commission I of the DPR.

After the meeting, the minister left the room and several journalists wanted to conduct doorstop interviews, so media immediately asked for narrations and asked various questions to the minister of communication.

Media has also asked a lot about the alleged corruption in the BAKTI Kominfo BTS development project, which is being investigated by the Attorney General's Office.
But the minister of communication did not want to give comment about that.

Then journalist asked about the second revision of Law Number 11 of 2008 concerning Information and Electronic Transactions (UU ITE). "I am only dealing with ITE, I am only discussing about ITE," Plate replied. reported that at around 12.59 PM, Plate who was surrounded by aides, was about to go down the escalator. Novian journalist followed along with other journalists. They also relented by allowing Plate to go down first.

When he was about to catch up with the minister, suddenly one of Plate's aides pulled and pushed Novian on the escalator. This action made Novian almost fall off the escalator, even though he admitted that he was polite in asking for an interview.

Novian felt his body being pulled, then pushed until he was about to fall.
At that time, Novian defended himself by pushing back the adjutant's back. The two of them then had an argument.

"Whats going on," said Novian. The aide replied, "you hit me?".
Novian replied, "You are first did it".
At that time several other journalists tried to remind them that the two of them were working together. Until then, the aide said, yes, be patient first.

Plate, who was always in front, walked outside the building and then got into his car. He remained silent when he received several questions from the media.

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