Stung Treng’s provincial health department warns legal action against online journalist


An online journalist of Life and Sport news has been threatened with legal action after the journalist wrote about an alleged corruption involving the president of the Stung Treng provincial health department.
On February 19, 2024, the provincial health department issued a letter rejecting the report, saying that the information in the publication was not properly fact-checked, that the journalist disseminated false information and lacked professionalism.
The provincial health department asked for justification, failing which legal action will be taken on the media outlet if it refused to make a correction.
The publisher of Life and Sport told CamboJA by phone on February 26, 2024, that he reported according to the facts and had sufficient evidence. He refused to correct the report and would rather wait and see what legal action will be taken against him.
“The letter does not specifically mention what points need to be corrected,” he said.
On February 16, 2024, Life and Sport news published a report about the irregularities involving the purchase of equipment, which were allegedly over-priced.
The report mentioned that it received an invoice from the supplier and had interviewed an official in the department, who asked not to be named.

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