Students obstruct the activities of journalists covering at the UIN campus


Seven journalists in Palembang were prevented from reporting by Raden Fatah State Islamic University (UIN) students on campus, on Tuesday (4/10). The seven journalists, from the media, Sriwijaya Post, Tribun Sumsel,,, Palembang Pos,, and Detik South Sumatra.

That day, the Rector of UIN Raden Fatah summoned and examined around 10 students, who were the committee for the basic education activities of MSMEs Research and Development of UIN Raden Fatah. The ten students under investigation are alleged to have committed violence and abused their juniors, who are also the education and training committee at the Gandus Camping Ground, Palembang. They are considered to have shared information that cornered the committee

According to one victim, journalist from, that day, he came to the campus at around 3:00 PM, but journalists had already arrived. They waited on the 1st floor until evening, until 10 students who were examined by the Rector on the top floor came down to the first floor of the UIN Raden Fatah campus.

While the journalists were waiting, in the Rector's lobby on the first floor, many other students had also gathered at the location. At around 18.00 PM, 10 students who were suspected of being the perpetrators of violence against their colleagues, finished being examined and went down to the first floor of the campus.

It was then that journalists started taking photos and videos to document the ten students. However, dozens of other students who had gathered around began to block the journalists' work and tried to limit the movement of the media covering. There were students who shook off the journalist's hand, covered the journalist's camera with a jacket, and some even pushed the journalist back, to get away from that location. This was allegedly done by students, because they refused to broadcast student violence on campus in the media.

Number of attacked persons or entities related to media
Do they work as freelance or media?
Position in media
Status of journalists
South Sumatra
Full name or name of group
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Students State Islamic University Raden Fatah, Palembang
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Physical Intimidation