RRI journalists in Bengkulu were summoned by the police as witness


RRI journalist in Bengkulu, Sofia Yuliawati was summoned by the Bengkulu Regional Police, regarding a report of alleged defamation.

The defamation report was filed by Yulfiperius, University Chancellor Prof. Hazairin SH (UNIHAZ) Bengkulu, from the news entitled "Suspected of Corruption, UNIHAZ Chancellor Reported to Prosecutor's Office" which was published on the RRI website on Wednesday, 10 May 2023.

The report states that Nediyanto Ramadhan reported the alleged corruption of the UNIHAZ Chancellor to the Bengkulu Prosecutor's Office on April 17 2023.

The alleged corruption report was explained in the news, according to Nediyanto's explanation which was confirmed via WhatsApp.

Journalists had time to confirm with Chancellor Yulfiperius, but were only given the answer that the Chancellor would hold a Press Conference.

RRI journalists then attended the Press Conference on the UNIHAZ Bengkulu campus. The report from the Press Conference was published on the same day, Wednesday evening, May 10 2023.

The next day, Thursday, May 11 2023, journalists confirmed with the Head of the Bengkulu High Prosecutor's Office, and Kajati confirmed that there was a report from Nediyanto.

Sofia has complied with the Bengkulu Regional Police's summons as a witness, on August 14 2023. In the letter, the subject was the summons for an interview, but the journalist was then used as a witness to the defamation report.

The Bengkulu Regional Police then sent a letter summoning witnesses to the Chief Editor of RRI Bengkulu, on January 18 2024. The witness examination is scheduled for Thursday morning, January 25 2024.

The RRI editorial staff then replied that they had not been able to present any witnesses. Because press dispute resolution should be resolved through the mechanisms of the Press Law, such as the right to reply, the right to correction and mediation with the Press Council.

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