The recording of interview the chairperson of AJI Indonesia on YouTube Deleted


The recording of interview the Chairperson of AJI Indonesia, Sasmito Madrim with CNBC media regarding the establishment of a presidential regulation, regarding publisher rights, so that it would not be done in a hurry, was deleted on YouTube so that it can no longer be accessed. Interview recorded via zoom on Wednesday afternoon, March 8, 2023.

The interview presented two speakers, namely the Chairperson of AJI Indonesia Sasmito and INDEF Director Tauhid Ahmad. Both of them gave comments related to the plan to issue a presidential regulation regarding publisher rights, as well as how it will impact the business side for the mass media.

The general chairman of AJI Indonesia, Sasmito, in his interview, stated that the discussion and stipulation of a presidential regulation on publisher rights does not need to be done in haste. The reason is that many press communities have just read the draft regarding the publisher rights.

So it is hoped that the issuance of the presidential regulation will not be carried out just one month after National Press Day, as stated by several parties.

Because if the discussion is carried out by involving more organizations or press companies, then there will be more input for the perfection of the draft presidential regulation regarding publisher rights later.

Meanwhile, INDEF researchers provide more responses from an economic perspective and impact on the media and global digital media platforms, if this presidential regulation is issued later. INDEF calls on the regulations to be carried out in a transparent and accountable manner.

The results of the interview between AJI Indonesia and the INDEF researcher were broadcast separately for about 6 minutes on the CNBC YouTube account, on Wednesday afternoon, March 8, 2023.

But on Thursday, March 9, 2023, around 7.00 AM, this Youtube link:, which contains an interview with the Chairman of AJI Indonesia, can no longer be accessed. On the screen it says "This video has been removed by the uploader".

When AJI asked the journalist who organized this interview, AJI received the answer "That was an order from the boss".

However, the results of the interview with the Director of INDEF, for 6.20 minutes, are still broadcast and can be accessed by the public via the following link:

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