Record of Chaotic Demonstrations, Journalist in Tuban Experienced Violence


On Thursday, June 15, 2023, a journalist affiliated with the media outlet in Tuban, East Java, encountered an act of violence while fulfilling their professional duties during the coverage of a demonstration in Tuban Regency. On that particular day, at approximately 10:00 am, Irqam, along with two additional journalists, were in attendance at the designated site for the purpose of providing coverage.

The rally, which commenced in a nonviolent manner, abruptly escalated into a state of violence when the demonstrators endeavored to block roadways. The law enforcement officers and military personnel deployed to maintain security attempted to carry out the eviction of the people, resulting in a physical confrontation between the two parties.

The events were documented by journalists who were present and witnessed the commotion. As he recorded the incident, Irqam felt someone strike him in the back of the neck and draw him backward. He then yelled that he is a reporter covering the incident. He was still dragged back by one of the police officers, so it failed. After a considerable amount of time in that circumstance, he was then released.

The victim (Iqram) and several correspondents at the scene protested to the Merakurak Police Chief, Ciput Abidin, against the action taken by a police officer at the demonstration site. However, he requested that journalists refrain from broadcasting certain demonstration confrontations.

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