The journalist was reported to the police for their news coverage.


Senior economic practitioner in Poso, Indonesia Steven Lyono, reported the journalist to the police, because of the news published by the media, on April 18, 2023.

The news was entitled "The Kabose Bridge Project, which has encountered delays, was officially reported to the Central Sulawesi High Prosecutor's Office by KALASI (Community Coalition for Anti-Corruption Institutions)."

Steven considers that the report is incorrect, because it includes Steven Lyono's name as the owner of Jaya Bersama Makmur Ltd. Steven considered the news as defamation, and objected to having his name written as the Director of Jaya Bersama Makmur Ltd.

Meanwhile, he is not and has never been a director of Jaya Bersama Makmur Ltd. Objecting to this, Steven reported the journalist, Syamsuyadi, to the police regarding the Electronic Information and Transaction Law (ITE), on suspicion of defamation.

Steven objected because this media only wrote reports based on KALASI (Community Coalition for Anti-Corruption Institutions) press releases. This organization released that the construction of the Kabose Bridge was full of corruption. The report has been submitted to the Central Sulawesi High Prosecutor's Office.

The editor-in-chief of was then summoned on Wednesday, June 14, 2023 by the Poso Police, to request information.

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