Publish news of obscenity on Baubau, Project Multatuli Attacked website


Project Multatuli's website,, experienced a digital attack after releasing a report "My Two Daughters Were Abused, I Reported it to the Baubau Police, The Police Even Arrested My Eldest Child."

The Multatuli IT Project Team has detected an increase in unusual activity on the website since Tuesday, March 14, 2023.

On Tuesday, at around 09.00 AM, Project Multatuli detected certain parties carrying out "scanning" or loopholes which were quite a burden on their website server.

Then attacks using the HTTP Flood method began using bots in various places, which are difficult to distinguish from normal traffic on the website happen at 15.00 PM.

These attacks aim to find loopholes in the Project Multatuli website, so they can be taken over. Having failed, the attacks temporarily stopped.

On Wednesday, March 15, 2023, at 09.00 AM, a load of activity and access requests began which also burdened the server. The escalation of this attack lasted until 21.00 PM.

As a result, some readers complained that the website was very slow and could not even be opened. There was also the threat of data scraping aimed at finding loopholes in the Project Multatuli website to infiltrate. In addition, Project Multatuli detected another attack in the form of a payload attack.

Executive Director of the Project Multatuli, Evi Mariani, said that this was the second attack on the Project Multatuli. Both are related to the mother's struggle for justice for the sexual violence that befell her children, and both are related to how the police handled the mother's report.

Previously, the Project Multatuli had experienced a cyber attack in the form of a DDoS after publishing a report on sexual violence against three children in East Luwu, South Sulawesi, in October 2021.

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