Preparations discussions on environmental issues were disturbed by thugs


Preparations for a discussion entitled "The Future of the Tapanuli Orangutan & the Batang Toru Ecosystem" held by the Indonesian Association of Environmental Journalists (SIEJ) together with a number of organizations, at a cafe in Tebet, Jakarta, became chaotic and tense when 4 foreigners came to ask for the discussion to be dismissed. This discussion was covered by dozens of print and online media in Jakarta.

That daya, a group of unknown people shouted and made noise and slammed the table, making the pre-discussion atmosphere a bit chaotic. This person was appeased by the discussion committee, but they still wanted the discussion to be dismissed. After refusing to have a dialogue with the committee, finally the security officer came and the discussion could be continued.

The discussion which was held on Thursday, March 9 2023 at around 11.00 AM was held as a response to the collaborative coverage of five national mass media which raised the topic of the threat of hydroelectric power in Batang Toru, North Sumatra.

A number of project problems were revealed in the coverage of the cooperation. Among them, the alleged threat of damage to the orangutan area and habitat in the area.

The media write that there have been many landslides that have claimed human lives, including workers in the area. In addition, coverage of this collaboration also highlights the potential for this project to cause state financial losses.

AJI considers that this group's action is an act of thuggery that undermines democracy and violates the constitution. In a healthy democratic climate, discussion activities should not be dispersed by acts of thuggery.

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