Police Hope to Completely Investigate Violence Against Journalists in Muara Enim


Journalist Mahadayaonline.com Teguh S, who works in Muaraenim Regency, South Sumatra, Indonesia, was attacked with a sharp weapon, by an unknown person.

The violence occurred on Sunday, January 16, 2022 around 18.00 (WIB) Western Indonesia Time. The location happen on south karang endah village street, headed to gaung telang village, in gelumbang district, muara enim regency, south sumatera province, Indonesia.

At that time, the victim was riding a motorcycle and was going home to gaung telang village with his wife. While on the road right through the railroad tracks of train, a white motorcycle driven by unknown person appeared from the opposite direction.

When the two motorcycles met, the perpetrator immediately attacked with a sharp weapon to the journalist's face. Then journalist's motorcycle lost control and fell at the crime scene (TKP). He was seriously injuried at right cheek and jaw. The journalist did not know the perpetrator and had reported the violence to the local police.

The police are still investigating this case, and there has been no update from the police regarding the development of this case.

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