Online journalist in Battambang intimidated by police officer while taking photos


On the night of October 23, 2023, Mr. Phy Visith, the deputy editor-in-chief of PCN news, an online media outlet in Battambang province, was verbally intimidated by a man who is known to be a provincial police officer. This happened while Visith was taking pictures and videos of an overweight truck that was causing road damage in the province.
Visith said that at about 9:30 pm, a truck carrying an overweight load damaged the road in Battambang city. He said that while he was taking photos, a man known to be both a provincial police officer and a goods trader, who also owns the overweight truck, got out of another car accompanying the truck and asked the journalist: “What role do you have taking these pictures?"
Even though he knew that Visith is a journalist, the officer asked him if he had permission to take the pictures.
Visith said: “I am taking the pictures on public roads, so I have the right to take them for publishing."
Visith said after taking the pictures and videos, he left the scene for home. However, later on, while he was having dinner with his family, the officer came and stood in front of Visith’s house. The officer said: “You have many children in your family.” Visith realized that the officer’s manner was a form of threating him and his family.

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The case also verify by CamboJA local network in Battambong province