Online journalist banned from covering news at a border checkpoint


On January 4, 2024, a journalist of Luos Seng News, an online live reporting site, was banned by border police from covering a story at the corridor of Bavet border checkpoints in Svay Rieng province, where goods are transported between Cambodia and Vietnam.

He told CamboJA via Telegram that he went there to report on the issue of goods traffic crossing the border from Vietnam to Cambodia. However, he was asked by police to show his media license and a permission letter issued by the provincial information department.

In a video posted on Luos Seng News, at least six policemen were seen talking to the journalist and taking pictures of him. In the video, the journalist said he was asked by police to leave the place.

“When I arrived there, I had not taken any pictures or videos yet but at the time, about seven policemen arrived and asked if I have a permission letter to cover the news,” he said.

In the video, as described by the journalist, one of the policemen, identified as Kim Saban took pictures of him while talking. He was then asked to move one kilometer away from the place, which was about 200 meters from the police post.

“The police just told me that journalists are not allowed to enter and report there,” he said.

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