Nagekeo Police Chief Threatens Violence Against Journalist in Flores


The Head of the Resort Police or the Head of the Nagekeo Police, Adjunct Senior Commissioner of Police Yudha Pranata, is suspected of inciting acts of violence against journalists from

This is known from a screenshot of a WhatsApp group called KH Destro, which stands for Emperor Hitam Destroyer. It is known that the group consists of members of the National Police and journalists from around the Nagekeo district, Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara.

In the screenshot of the group, Yudha Pranata allegedly devised a terror strategy for a journalist named Patrianus “Patrick” Meo Djawa, a journalist for, on Monday, April 10, 2023. The order from the Chief of Police, Yudha, was issued because of Patrinus Meo Djawa's news about Yudha Pranata's car being intercepted by a number of youth in Aesesa, on Easter Sunday, April 9, 2023.

In the screenshot of the KH Destro WhatsApp Group chat, Yudha Pranata instructs journalist Patrianus 'Patrik' Meo Djawa to confirm his report. Then stress him out.

“All Destro. Contact Patrik to ask for a clarification interview about the report from the Chief of the Nataia Tribe. NOW!!!. The proof of the WA chat with Patrick is immediately in the screenshot."
“As proof that we have asked Patrick for clarification. Makes him stressed," wrote Yudha Pranata in a conversation on the WhatsApp group, on Monday, April 10, 2023, at 00.13 AM. media put down the news, “It's stressing him out. Just Throw It Away. Break His Jaws.” In the subhead of the news, it was written again, "The Head of the Negekeo Police admitted that the group was created by him, to claim the aim is to train journalists as partners of the police".

According to a report, the Nagekeo Police Chief has confirmed that the group was created "to coach" journalists.

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Yudha Pranata
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