MNC Media journalists are prohibited from recording by debt collectors


MNC Media journalist, Cahyat Supriatna, experienced violence in Gunung Putri Village, Gunung Putri District, Bogor Regency, on Monday, March 13 2023 at around 13.00 PM.

A report from the Indonesian Television Journalists Association (IJTI) stated that the debt collector was suspected of committing violence against the victim.

That day, the victim were intimidated, obstructed and prohibited from recording videos. Even debt collector hit journalist's phones.

At the start of the incident, that day a motorcycle belonging to a local media journalist named Age, was intercepted and was about to be forcibly taken by a debt collector.

At that time, MNC Media journalist Cahyat Supriatna finished reporting with Age, and passed around the location and approached them.

Cahyat immediately took pictures, but the debt collector hindered Cahyat's activities and hit Cahyat's cell phone.

The journalist organization IJTI Bogor, criticized the actions of debt collectors because they hindered the work of journalists protected by the Press Law.

This case was reported to the Bogor Police
on Tuesday, March 14 2023.

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