Media self-censorship


The opinion which was originally titled "Climate Change Message for the BNI (Indonesian National Bank) General Meeting of Shareholders" has changed its title to "Climate Change Message for the Banking Sector" and can still be read on Thursday, around 15.20 PM. However, a few moments later this opinion disappeared and was no longer accessible to the public.

The author got the info, the opinion was lowered because of "a god level request".

So the authors assume, if it is an instruction from the leadership or owner of the company, because it is not explained clearly, who is meant by "a god level request".

This opinion was written by Firdaus, because in March 2023, Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) is holding a General Meeting of Shareholders. The BNI general meeting of shareholders, was held in the midst of various ecological disasters due to the climate crisis, which occurred in various parts of the archipelago, even the world.

According to the author, the climate crisis is a familiar problem for BNI. How could it not be, BNI has always claimed to be the pioneer of green banking in Indonesia. Despite the fact, BNI still continues to fund coal energy projects, causing the climate crisis.

Through his opinion, the author wants BNI to truly become a green bank that cares about the issue of the climate crisis.

The purpose of that opinion is, the author wants BNI to stop funding to coal, the cause of the climate crisis and divert funding to renewable energy. Because according to the author, the social and ecological costs of the coal are too expensive.

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