Media Hacked


Media experienced Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack from Friday, 17 October to 21 October 2022. Based on the analysis of the IT Team, after seven days of the attack, their media was difficult to access for 3 hours.

The IT team for Batamnews noted that there were around 7 billion requests to access, with 36 TB of data sent simultaneously.
This is why Batamnews cannot be accessed for several hours.
Until October 22, 2022, the attacks have not abated, and are still very high.

IT Team of Batamnews have formatted web security, but the attack activity still continues. So it is very difficult for readers to access news in the media. A similar incident had occurred some time ago, and the news also difficult to access for several days.
The Batamnews editorial team believed, the attack could not be separated from sensitive reporting issues, which were published by Batamnews.

It is acknowledged that the impact of the attack was very detrimental to the editors and loyal readers of

Number of attacked persons or entities related to media
Do they work as freelance or media?
Position in media
Status of journalists
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Riau Island
Full name or name of group
Background (state actor or non state actor)
Attack mention about gender background/sexual wording?
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DDos attack