Kabar Medan TV's YouTube account cannot be accessed


Kabar Medan TV's YouTube account experienced a disruption at the end of April 2022. The editorial and management of KABAR MEDAN TV noted that the disruption began on Friday 29 April 2022 at 06.48 AM.

Then at 07.00 AM the editor tried to access KABAR MEDAN TV, using the admin email account, and it turned out that the channel was logged out. The editor tries to log in using the admin email account on the channel, and a notification appears that the channel has been permanently deleted.

At 07.05 AM a security check was carried out on the main email account and the admin email account to access the channel, and there were no oddities. There is also nothing "unusual" in the email inbox. Two-factor authentication on both email accounts was also in good working order, and nothing indicated an “unsafe state”.

At 10.00 AM, the editor made an appeal, by filling out the "appeal" form in the notification email from YouTube that the channel had been deleted. At 10.06 AM, a reply email was received from YouTube, that they would carry out an investigation within 2 working days or longer. At 10.11 AM, an email came back from YouTube, saying that they could not restore to deleted Google account.

Then at 10.33 AM, the editorial team tried to contact Mr. Jason Tedjasukmana, Head of B2B and Corporate Communications Google Indonesia, to report and request assistance. Then 18.08 PM, he replied to a message and suggested contacting the YouTube team through the Help Center.

At 18.09 PM, the editors tried to mention the Twitter account @TeamYouTube and reported problems and asked for help.

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