Journalists were nearly beaten while covering a bargain market


CNN TV journalist, Royke Rarumangkay was almost beaten while covering the bazaar, which was held by the North Sulawesi Regional logistics agency, at the sales booth of the North Sulawesi regional logistics agency's office, on Jl Diponegoro 7 No.8, West Mahakeret, Wenang District, Manado City, on Wednesday, April 6, 2023.

AJI Manado noted that that day, Royke was present at the sales booth of the Bulog office to cover and record the bazaar activities. Royke already used his press card and conveyed his identity and purpose for attending the location.

However, an officer from Bulog Divre North Sulawesi, prohibited Royke from covering because his company already has its own journalists. Journalists from their side are only allowed to cover Bulog's activities.

In addition to blocking journalists from covering, two employees from the North Sulawesi regional logistics agency also threatened and almost beat Royke at that time. The victim felt intimidated by the Bulog employee.

AJI Manado criticized the actions of Bulog employees in North Sulawesi Divre, which prevented journalists from covering.

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