Journalists were attacked by a group of masked youths


Journalist for online media in North Sumatra, Abi Pasaribu was attacked by a group of youths, on Friday, 19 August 2022, around 00.15 AM.

The journalist experienced violence at the Bravo 5 office, Dl Sitorus Housing Complex, SM. Raja Rantauprapat street, North Sumatra.

Local media reported that the incident of violence began, when a group of masked youths arrived on 4 motorbikes in tandem to the Bravo 5 secretariat at the Housing Complex.

That night, Abi was hanging out with his colleague. Suddenly four people came who were all riding several pillion. They asked if there was someone named Abi, and his colleague named Manik spontaneously pointed to the victim. Then they called Abi, and Abi approached them without the slightest suspicion. At that time, they asked whether Abi knew his colleagues. Abi answered no, immediately the journalist was immediately beaten together.

Abi and his colleagues reported the case of violence to the Labuhanbatu Police headquarters, and hoped that the perpetrators would be immediately arrested and find out to the motives.

Abi said, before the incident, he had also been terrorized via cell phone in threatening language, over news that highlighted the performance of the Labuhan Batu district government, under the leadership of Regent Eri Atrada Ritonga.

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