Journalists Persecuted during coverage at the Hospital


Journalist for named Ilham Nugraha was beaten and beaten by a group of people at the Palabuhanratu Regional General Hospital, Sukabumi Regency, West Java, on Monday, June 13 2022.

At that day, about 19:30 PM, Ilham covered three motorcycle accident victims who fell into the Cimandiri River, at the Bagbagan bridge repair site. While in the Palabuhanratu Hospital Emergency Room, the victim was confronted by two people who forbade him from taking pictures of the accident victims.

Ilham stated that the two people, apart from forbidding them from taking pictures of the accident victims. They also asked for cell phones to make sure there were no video recordings and photos. After that, they pushed Ilham out of the emergency room.

When he left the door, a number of people immediately beat Ilham. Even though there were security guards, because there were so many bullies, the blows were unstoppable. They hit Ilham in the head and face, causing his left eye to bleed. In addition, Ilham's back was also hit. Because she was a victim of violence and was prevented from doing her job, Ilham made a report to the local regional police.

The police have arrested two people suspected of being the perpetrators of the persecution of Ilham Nugraha on Friday,17 June 2022. Then, through the mediation of local community leaders, victims and perpetrators of violence reconciled at the end of June 2022. The perpetrators of violence were released on June 23, 2023.

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Danial and Bobih
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