Journalists of harassed by football fans


A female journalist with the initials A from media at Solo, experienced sexual harassment from a football supporter in Solo. The sexual harassment occurred when A, who was on duty in the Solo area, was covering the match between PSS Sleman and Borneo FC at the Maguwoharjo Stadium, Sleman, Yogyakarta, on Thursday, 7 July 2022, starting at 20.30 PM.

At that time, the condition of the stands was fully issued. Victims will enter the stadium stands in a jostling condition. In that condition, the perpetrator suddenly held the victim's chest while looking at the victim's face. Instantly, panic and trying to fight the behavior. But the victim can not do much.

After the incident, the victim went to the stands of the stadium to calm down. The victim then told other journalists about the sexual humiliation. They then immediately reported to the committee to be able to respond to the incident.

After the match, the man suspected of being the perpetrator was taken to the examination room to be asked for help by the committee and the police. After two hours, the perpetrator finally confessed to his actions, and said that he had consumed alcoholic beverages. A sedative was also found from the perpetrator. The perpetrator then made a statement of apology accompanied by the signatures of the perpetrator, the victim, and two witnesses. The statement letter was delivered in front of members of the East Depok Police Sleman Police.

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