Journalist's family experience terror


A journalist from, Edy Bau has reported the illegal gambling activity in Belu, Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. Result of this report he and his family experience intimidation and terror. 

About two men was riding motorcycle and rang the motor gas loudly in front of the yard of Edy's house. They met the journalist's wife and his kids, asking whether it is true that it was Edy Bau's house. The wife confirmed it. 

The men approached the 10 years son of the journalist then threatened "Tell your father stop being rude!"

The terrified child fled into the home in an instant, while the 5-year-old daughter sobbed hysterically.

The wife asked, "What is the problem?"

The men answered, "Edy has wrote all the news about gambling in Belu, he was rude!" 

When the incident happened, Edy was out of town.



Number of attacked persons or entities related to media
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East Nusa Tenggara
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Alo Kuneru
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Physical Intimidation