Journalists experienced intimidation when covering riots at a nightlife place


An iNews TV contributor who works in Makassar, South Sulawesi experienced intimidation and obstruction of coverage on Thursday, October 26 2023.

That day, Syahrul Adyaksa, a journalist for I News TV, was present at a nightlife venue called Publiq which is located on Jalan Arif Rate, Makassar.

There was a commotion at the entertainment venue and Syahrul recorded the situation. The commotion caused many people to crowd and push each other.

The location of the commotion was not far from the Makassar Police Sabhara Headquarters. When Syahrul recorded it, several people claimed to be members of the TNI and Satpol PP.

They intimidated and prohibited Syahrul from recording the situation.
They then confiscated Syahrul's cell phone and deleted some of the recorded data. Syahrul tried to take his cellphone back. But they threatened to beat journalists.

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