Journalists Expelled When Covering at the Donggala Regent's House


Journalist named Djabir, who work in Donggala Regency, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, experienced violence when he was going to cover crowds and demonstration at the official residence of the Donggala Regent, Kasman Lassa, on Wednesday, May 31, 2023.

On the same day, residents of Donggala Regency performed a protest in front of the Donggala Police Station, urging the police to investigate the Regent, Kasman Lassa in relation to allegations of corruption involving appropriate technology handled by the Central Sulawesi Regional Police.

According to information obtained by local media, the Donggala Regent gathered a crowd, the majority of which consisted of his extended family, in the courtyard of his office in preparation for a counter-demonstration to be held at the Donggala Police Station.

Djabir together with other journalists went to the Donggala Regent's office after discovering that there was a crowd there. Arriving at the location, he met Hamdin, the Regent's brother in-law. Knowing that Djabir is a journalist, Hamdin then asked, "Whose side are you on?" Djabir responded by saying that as a journalist he is in neutral side.

When other journalists started to be questioning the purpose of this demonstration, the situation was uncontrollable. There were people who provoked the situation then change into chaos.

Moments later, Hamdin roughly pulled Djabir's hand to enter the Regent's yard. Djabir then asked, ''I will scream, why are you like this?"

During that moment, dozens of Kasman Regent demonstrators yelled "catch, catch" Things then heated up. As Djabir prepared to leave the courtyard of the official residence of the Regent, the audience continued to shout and the situation escalated.
Officers of the Civil Service Police continued to surround Djabir and ordered the journalists to exit the Regent's residence's grounds.

When the journalists departed, they were accompanied by Ramadhan, the Regent's assistant, and several Civil Service Police officers who repeatedly urged Djabir to leave the house area. Djabir was accompanied to a secure location by his companion, Andre.
No injuries were sustained in this incident. However, the treatment and threats traumatized Djabir.

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