The Journalist's camera was damaged while covering the demonstration


The camera of a TVOne journalist in Tanjungpinang, Chairullah was damaged during coverage of a demonstration at the Tanjungpinang Immigration Detention Center (Rudenim), on Wednesday 7 December 2022. At that time there was a demonstration by hundreds of immigrants at that location.

Hundreds of Asylum Seeking Foreign Nationals (WNA) held a demonstration demanding the release of two immigrants, one of whom was Yahya. The action began at 10.00 WIB at the Tanjungpinang Rudenim.

At 12.45 WIB, the Detention Center released Yahya and one of his colleagues. At that time, Yahya and his colleagues and the Immigration Office left the Detention Center, accompanied by the Head of the Riau Islands Law and Human Rights Office, Tanjungpinang Deputy Chief of Police and a number of Detention Center staff and police.

Chairullah, Jupri and Ismail, journalists for TVOne, Go TV and Detak Media were present at the location to record the moment with their respective cameras. However, when Chairullah took a picture of Yahya and one of his colleagues walking behind the Head of the Riau Islands Legal and Human Rights Office, Yahya immediately closed and seized Chairullah's camera. Yahya also rebuked the victim and said "Are you, I'm not a criminal". His hand spontaneously snatched the victim's camera.

As a result, Chairullah's camera fell and was damaged. This condition heated up, because two other journalists reprimanded Yahya's rude attitude. The tension was then eased by the Deputy Chief of Police.

Yahya then immediately went and gathered with his other colleagues, who were demonstrating at that time. Chairullah has reported the violence he experienced to the Tanjungpinang Police.

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