A Journalist's Camera Was Damaged by a Group of Youths


Journalist for TV One working in Polewali Mandar, West Sulawesi, experienced physical violence on Saturday, September 17 2022.

That day, Journalist and cameramen for TVOne Tamrin had just returned from his rice field, on the Trans Sulawesi road, Labasang hamlet to be precise, Tonrolima Village, Matakali District around 16.30 PM.

When he passing in front of elementary school 040 Labasang, he saw a group of youths gathered. At first he thought there had been an accident, but when he approached the crowd of youths, it turned out that there was no accident. He only saw a group of youths whose movements looked like they were going to fight.

Then the journalist immediately took out a handycamp that was in his bag to record pictures of the youth crowd.

While recording pictures at that location, a young man approached him and immediately punched his left abdomen. Not only hitting, but the young man also took the victim's handycam camera.
Tamrin then tried to retrieve his camera. However, when he tried to do it, several youths then approached Tamrin and beat the victim.
As a result of being beaten up, the victim was injured and fell on the ground.
Then the victim was helped by residents and dispersed the youth group.

The victim went for a post-mortem and . Based on the results of the post-mortem, the victim suffered injuries, including the victim's left side of the abdomen, which suffered internal injuries on the left shoulder.

The victim's handycam camera was damaged on the screen, and could no longer be used.
The violence experienced by the victim has been reported to the local Police. But there is no progress about this report.

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