Journalist for Rakyat Aceh Daily received death threats


Journalist for Rakyat Aceh Daily named Jurnalisa, received death threats on Thursday, November 10, 2022. The victim admitted that the project supervisor in Central Aceh district threatened to kill him.

Previously, the victim covered the Rejewali Sejahtera Market development project in Ketol District, Central Aceh District.

The journalistic report was published by with the title "The Rejewali Ketol Market Work Project Allegedly Done Originally and Slowly, Budget is Fantastic,". The report was published by the Aceh People's Daily.

According to journalists, he has confirmed these reports to sources with colleagues. However, due to the news, two men came to the journalist's house on Thursday morning, around 08.00.

Then two unknown people came banging on the gate. When the journalist came out, his face looked angry. Both of them even tried to beat the journalist.

During the incident, the victim's wife came out of the house and tried to intervene. At that time a man shouted, 'You don't know who you are dealing with, I will kill you later'," the victim told to AJI Bireun.

Threats with the word kill, the man delivered many times. Even before leaving the victim's house, he again said "I will kill you later".

The journalist felt very pressured by the threat, and has reported it to the Aceh Police.
The victim felt that he knew one of the perpetrators who came to his house. One of them is named Rahmat, who is the project field supervisor.

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