Journalist for NTB Satu intimidated to delete news about fuel hoarding


Journalist for NTBSatu Haris Mahtul was intimidated by the leadership of an NGO in Mataram. Haris was forced to delete news content broadcast on his YouTube media account. The intimidation was received shortly after the video content entitled "There is a Demo, Here Hoarding" which was broadcast on the NTB Satu media Youtube account, on Wednesday, 31 August 2022, at 17.30 WIB.

Haris, who is also the Chief Editor of NTB Satu, received 3 phone calls from a number he did not recognize. On the third call, he answered and heard the head of an NGO in Mataram. Then Lalu Munawir introduced himself. He asked to meet at a hotel in Mataram, but Haris refused to meet. Because the head of the NGO was adamant and wanted to come to Haris' house, the journalists finally met the head of the NGO accompanied by colleagues from AJI Mataram.

During the meeting, Lalu Munawir asked Haris to delete the news on the site and delete the video content entitled "There's a Demo Here Hoarding" on his YouTube media account. The journalistic video content contains allegations of diesel hoarding in trucks reported by residents of Batu Layar District, West Lombok.

Haris refused, but the NGO leadership still asked him to delete the news and hand over an envelope filled with money. Haris still refused the money and told Lalu don’t ever to bribe him. But Lalu then added one more envelope. At that time, there were more than 4 people accompanying the NGO leadership in the room.

Feeling unsafe in the room, Haris communicated with the editors to temporarily cancel the publication of articles and content on his website and YouTube media. After that, the journalist left the hotel, but still did not receive the envelope. But Lalu insisted and put the envelope in the reporter's jacket pocket.

Haris still refused the envelope, then left the hotel and immediately got into the car. The head of the NGO then chased the journalists and slipped the envelope in Haris' windshield wiper. The next day Haris called the Chairman of AJI Mataram and told him about Lalu's actions.

Haris finally returned the envelope containing Rp. 10 million to AJI Mataram and the Legal Aid Institute of Mataram.

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