Journalist for Jawa Pos Radar Madura experienced intimidation


Journalist for Jawa Pos Radar Madura experienced intimidation. Journalist, received threats from Rahmad Baharudin, a State Civil Apparatus (ASN) in Talango District, Sumenep Regency, East Java.

Rahmad protested the news written by a journalist, about mining activities in that village which was published on Thursday, February 1 2024.

Rahmad objected to the news, because he was the financier of the mine excavation. He also claims to be the owner of the excavator and dump truck used in the C excavation mining activities.

Rahmad insisted to meeting the journalist. Rahmad then came to the editorial office of Jawa Pos Radar Madura, Sumenep Bureau, on Thursday, February 1 2024.

Rahmad's arrival at the media office Radar Madura was followed by two of his colleagues, one of whom was named Maswandi.

They claimed to be the person responsible for excavation mining activities. However, they did not want to give their right to answer for the news.

They threatened to the journalist who had written the news. Because they have contacted all their relatives to come to the office.

"Beware of Bangkalan (tragedy of riots) to move here," said Rahmad.

Rahmad then urged the editorial crew that they met to inform who is the source or informant for the news.

Maswandi said that he had mobilized people to look for a resident named Jono. Jono is the informant or the source in the news.

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Rahmad, Maswandi
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