Journalist Forced to Delete Photo Documentation while Covering


Abdel Gamel Naser, a journalist for Cenderawasih Pos, was forced into deleting the photographs he took while reporting in Jayapura, Indonesia on July 11, 2023.

Gamel was engaged in reporting activities within the confines of the conservation area of Youtefa Bay Natural Tourism Park. Along with numerous other journalists, he was engaged in the coverage of efforts aimed at stopping the logging and stockpiling of sand material within the mangrove forest region of Youtefa Bay Natural Tourism Park.

The activity was conducted jointly by the Papua Forestry and Environment Service, the Papua Natural Resources Conservation Agency, and the Special Crime and Investigation Unit of the Papua Regional Police.

Gamel was taking photographs at a location where a police line had been installed at the time. Several police officers were seen standing near the location photographed by Gamel.

It is suspected that these officers had been stationed at the location for several days in order to protect the mangrove forest area from the hoarding activities of unscrupulous dealers.

Following that, the two police authorities approached Gamel and asked about his explanation for his act of photographing that particular site. Subsequently, the two police officer compelled journalists to delete the photographs.

Despite the victim's claim of being engaged in professional activities as journalist, the police authorities insist on the deletion of the photograph. The journalists made the decision to remove the photograph in order to prevent any disturbance, so that he can continue documenting the story from a different location.

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