Journalist experienced intimidation while interviewing Chairman of the KPK


Journalist in Aceh experienced intimidation while covering a meeting between the Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Firli Bahuri and a number of media leaders, who are members of the Indonesian Cyber ​​Media Network (JMSI).

The meeting was held at the Joint Secretariat (Sekber) for Journalists in Banda Aceh on Thursday night, 9 November 2023.

Kompas TV journalist Raja Umar was present at the location to interview Firli Bahuri. Umar saw Firli sitting at the same table with the chief of the media mass. Umar then approached Firli, after previously preparing his Press ID and camera.

The journalist introduced himself from Kompas TV and expressed his intention to interview the purpose of Firli visit to Aceh and want to ask the accusation that Firli had deliberately delayed the call from the Police.

However, at that time Firli answered "No comment about that, I only eat durian". Umar then answered, "Okay sir, please eat durian. Can I wait?”

Not long after, Umar was approached by a policeman who are not in uniform. He asked journalists to delete photos of Firli's meeting. But Umar refused and said, "What's the right do you have to tell me to delete that photo?" He replied, "I am a policeman, I have the right to ask you to delete the photo."

Umar was forced to open the gallery or data memory on his cellphone. But he still refused and recorded the sound of the conversation.

The policeman realized that the conversation was being recorded, and immediately asked the journalist to delete the audio recording. The journalist still refused and immediately sent the audio recording to the group, as evidence of intimidation by Firli's bodyguard.

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