Journalist Expelled While Covering Morning Ceremony


Tribune journalist Fajrin was restricted from covering the ASN morning assembly at the Morotai Regional Government, in the Morotai Islands Regency, North Maluku on Monday, October 9 2023.

The morning ceremony was led by the Head of the Village Community Empowerment Service, Ahdad Hi Hasan.

After the morning assembly was over, Ahdad asked the ceremony commander to disperse the ranks.

However, Morotai Island Regional Government Expert Staff, Sofia Doa, who was standing at the front, asked the civil servants who took part in the action not to disperse.

He also shouted loudly asking journalists not to record during a briefing from officers.

Sofia also asked why journalists were covering the ceremony that morning.

"What is the reason for you journalists to record this civil servant disciplinary ceremony?" Sofia asked.

Then he asked the Head of the Civil Service Police Unit to expel journalists who were present at the ceremony location.

Tribunternate journalist, Fajrin, who was in charge of covering the routine civil servant ceremony that morning, was also expelled.

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