Journalist for Borneonews was intimidated by 3 unknown men


Journalist for Borneonews in East Barito Regency, Central Kalimantan, Agustinus Bole Malo and his family, were intimidated by 3 unknown men, on Sunday, July 17 2022. That day, around 13.45 AM, 3 unknown men came to his house. The man wore a mask and violently knocked on the door and looked for Augustine.

At that time, Augustine was not at home, because he was going to the field to report. Only his wife is waiting at home. When his wife met him, the three men shouted rudely asking where journalists were. At that time, his wife replied that her husband was not at home. However, the three men behaved unfriendly by opening the window blinds, and peeking from the outside window of the house. Then they scanned every room in the house looking for Augustine.

Even though they did not enter the house, the rough attitude of the 3 men made Augustine's wife feel uncomfortable. The three men also did not explain where they came from, and did not mention what their purpose was for looking for journalists.

The victim feels that so far there has been no problem with a particular party. However, recently he wrote a lot about cases of harassment allegedly committed by a State Civil Apparatus of the East Barito Regional Government.

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